Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Top Ten 2006

 #1      ISLANDS - Return To The Sea
Actually this isn't the greatest 'album' ever, it really gets number one because there isn't anything else like it and by that I don't mean it is 'cool cause it is different,' I mean there really isn't anything even in the same league right now.  But it still isn't The Unicorns, and the album falls short in many ways.  To compare Islands and Unicorns is like comparing CSNY and like Crosby, where the fuck did Neil Young go HUH!!???  Seriously though, the main creative genius, the pie to the ice cream isn't in Islands and Islands is still pretty fucking cool but COME ON!  Who the FUCK are you kidding!  Like go hang out with Neil Young!  I'm hoping this was like a small step, like something The Unicorns had to do, one of them had to go out and be in Islands and ruin my life, just so they could get back together and continue making like THE GREATEST MUSIC EVER.  And like it isn't even like great music, it is amazing, it is timeless and intelligent, rough and hard, it is like future blues...if some dude was stuck on a beach with another dude for like 20,000 years the music that would come out would be something like what I hear from The Unicorns.  And like seriously The Islands feels like one of those dudes was ripped away and taken to the city where he was forced to play some shit and beaten and like changed into earthlings like in Interstella 5555 and felt empty and longing for the other half and the beach of 20,000 years but just get the fuck back man!  Go to the evil castle with the gold records in the walls and burn it down, then take a guitar shaped spaceship back home.  I mean it is obvious that Islands can do it, make some music hoo hah some of it is really good hah hoooo but FUCKING KNOCK IT OFF,
and go back with the other dude, call it ISLANDS if you want, thanks for understanding.

Top Ten 2006

 #2.......   Ratatat - Classics/Remixes
YEAH BAM!  BAM! ................BAM!  Take some of THAT!  Ratatat is so hot right now.

Top Ten 2006

OK nevermind.  This album is definitely 3rd/1st.  This is fast becoming one of my favorite albums of the decade.  It is priceless, impossible to put into words.  One of those albums you put on driving across Oklahoma in the middle of the night and blow your fucking kidney out easy.  No reason why, hard to put your finger on the magic or where it comes from, like maybe the first time you hear someone Talking Shit About A Pretty Sunset on a car stereo with one speaker and a broken back window.  Like hearing food in New Mexico or dancing to setting up tents and sleeping bags in Colorado.

Top Ten 2006

#4...  Pete and The Pirates - Wait Stop Begin
What the FUCK!  I'm starting to get really pissed that this isn't the best album of 2006.  In FACT, it is now officially number three...which is like tied for second, and in this case basically first place.  So yeah this album is so fucking amazing it cheats, it gets fourth but it is number one of all time.

Top Ten 2006

#5.....   Junior Boys - So This Is Goodbye
WOW!  GREAT ALBUM!  Not much to add here, if you aren't down with this I'm not sure what is going on...and HEY! I'm not sure what is going on.  In The Morning is probably Song of The Year, these guys are clean, clean like candy.

Top Ten 2006

#6....   The Knife - Silent Shout
Well this is some pretty cool stuff, cool art, cool videos, cool voice, catchy tunes, cool album.  I've actually never listened to this album, it must be good though...number 6.

Top Ten 2006

#7.....  Beach House - Beach House
Not sure why I like this album so much, most people don't seem to.  Perhaps it is a personal thing, the synthesizers remind me of some of my favorite music (early Magnetic Fields with the girl singer Wayward Bus etc. don't tell anyone) and the girl's voice is kewl.  I like to think of this salty pirate stomping his feet and playing the guitar while she sings.  Dream album of 2007 would be Stephen Merritt written lyrics and compositions played by Beach House.


Top Ten 2006

#8......   Hot Chip - The Warning
Well here you have it, yes Garrett has HOT CHIP as one of the best albums of the year.  Replay value, sexiness, fucking fun, bad ass, fun fucking, intelligent, simple, great album.
Derpa derp

Top Ten 2006

#9..... Mr. Nogatco - Nogatco Rd/Tomc3 - Project Polaroid
The Doctor Octagon Ego everyone anticipated in the release of 
The Return Of Doctor Octagon (which sucked) was found in the Viktor Vaughn producer IZ-REAL's Mr. Nagtco, which generally went under the radar compared to the fake Doctor Octagon release.  Kool Keith was cool as fuck, he took a back seat to the beats, and there are some classic tracks on this.  STILL, Automator PLEASE do another Doc Oc while Kool Keith can obviously still one-up the sex crazed mad doctor ego with a sex crazed mad alien scientist ego.  Add a couple tracks from Project Polaroid and it makes one good album, number 9.

Top Ten 2006

Top Albums 2006

#10......  Wild Beasts - Brave Boulging Buoyant Clairvoyants
If you took all the mp3s by these guys scattered across the web the past two months you would have a healthy EP for the Wild Beasts' upcoming release and although this is technically not an 'album' it is by far the best music released this year.  NUMBER 1-0.  The BBBC track alone is enough to win box set of the year, I will humbly place it at number 1-0 on my list, and you don't have to bother reading next year's number one album, it will be the Wild Beasts' record.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Because Chuck Is Fucking Lame



The Klaxons name songs after books by Thomas Pynchon, and not even his best books.

I Don't Have "Chucks" For Converse

Architecture In Helsinki stays cool whip.

Dungen Dragon

Friday, December 8, 2006

Bloggin That Yo

National Forest


Jarvis Cocker - Jarvis

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Saturday, December 2, 2006

Ratatat and Air

 Two very appreciated bands that won my heart over at very low volumes.

This is a Shout Out Louds  song remixed der.



Friday, December 1, 2006

Wild Beasts The Butterflies Of Love

The Wild Beasts are by far not only my favorite
band of the day, but probably 2006 as well.  Instantly
classic this is the video from the single.

The Butterflies of Love
are so tight today, "Rob A Bank" has been on repeat since I woke up.

Just because this is the first post I'm going to throw on a couple bonus vids for my faithful viewers.

Happy Birthday Perfume For Cologne!

Once Upon A Time, a young man was forced to
create a blog account in order to post a comment
at a certain blog that will remain anonymous so
as to protect the innocent.  Because that blog had
published such a masochist and racist load of BS
and then refused to allow anyone to post a comment
unless they had their own blog, the young man had
no choice but to depart upon a Grand Adventure into
the sultry Forest of Blog.  That young man was
Garrett Phillips and he showed that blogger what 
the fuck was up.  

Years passed and the young man was like "whatever."  
So then he decided to use the blogspace he created
to own up that one lame-ass blog, and Perfume For 
Cologne was born.  Since he was never the cleverest 
of young men he decided to make a music blog where
(if one was so inclined) someone could come to see
what sort of shit Garrett listens to all the time
(what the fuck does that guy listen to? is heard all the
time).  Anyone is welcome to post/read here from now
until forever but you can't be a racist and if you are a
masochist you better be fn hot.  I'll post my two "favorite
bands of the day" every day and anyone else can get 
access to the blog and post anything music related.  Right?  


Any links to places outside this blogspace are innocently
presumed to be legal (youtube, myspace)
I do not support them by having links on my page to
these sites, legal shit has nothing to do with the little
folk like me and I will immediately remove any posts
or links that I am asked to remove. There won't be any
links to mp3s that aren't provided by the band themselves,
and seriously somebody needs to talk to KRS-ONE
about freedom of information.