Friday, December 1, 2006

Happy Birthday Perfume For Cologne!

Once Upon A Time, a young man was forced to
create a blog account in order to post a comment
at a certain blog that will remain anonymous so
as to protect the innocent.  Because that blog had
published such a masochist and racist load of BS
and then refused to allow anyone to post a comment
unless they had their own blog, the young man had
no choice but to depart upon a Grand Adventure into
the sultry Forest of Blog.  That young man was
Garrett Phillips and he showed that blogger what 
the fuck was up.  

Years passed and the young man was like "whatever."  
So then he decided to use the blogspace he created
to own up that one lame-ass blog, and Perfume For 
Cologne was born.  Since he was never the cleverest 
of young men he decided to make a music blog where
(if one was so inclined) someone could come to see
what sort of shit Garrett listens to all the time
(what the fuck does that guy listen to? is heard all the
time).  Anyone is welcome to post/read here from now
until forever but you can't be a racist and if you are a
masochist you better be fn hot.  I'll post my two "favorite
bands of the day" every day and anyone else can get 
access to the blog and post anything music related.  Right?  


Any links to places outside this blogspace are innocently
presumed to be legal (youtube, myspace)
I do not support them by having links on my page to
these sites, legal shit has nothing to do with the little
folk like me and I will immediately remove any posts
or links that I am asked to remove. There won't be any
links to mp3s that aren't provided by the band themselves,
and seriously somebody needs to talk to KRS-ONE
about freedom of information.

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