Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Top Ten 2006

#9..... Mr. Nogatco - Nogatco Rd/Tomc3 - Project Polaroid
The Doctor Octagon Ego everyone anticipated in the release of 
The Return Of Doctor Octagon (which sucked) was found in the Viktor Vaughn producer IZ-REAL's Mr. Nagtco, which generally went under the radar compared to the fake Doctor Octagon release.  Kool Keith was cool as fuck, he took a back seat to the beats, and there are some classic tracks on this.  STILL, Automator PLEASE do another Doc Oc while Kool Keith can obviously still one-up the sex crazed mad doctor ego with a sex crazed mad alien scientist ego.  Add a couple tracks from Project Polaroid and it makes one good album, number 9.

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