Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Top Ten 2006

 #1      ISLANDS - Return To The Sea
Actually this isn't the greatest 'album' ever, it really gets number one because there isn't anything else like it and by that I don't mean it is 'cool cause it is different,' I mean there really isn't anything even in the same league right now.  But it still isn't The Unicorns, and the album falls short in many ways.  To compare Islands and Unicorns is like comparing CSNY and like Crosby, where the fuck did Neil Young go HUH!!???  Seriously though, the main creative genius, the pie to the ice cream isn't in Islands and Islands is still pretty fucking cool but COME ON!  Who the FUCK are you kidding!  Like go hang out with Neil Young!  I'm hoping this was like a small step, like something The Unicorns had to do, one of them had to go out and be in Islands and ruin my life, just so they could get back together and continue making like THE GREATEST MUSIC EVER.  And like it isn't even like great music, it is amazing, it is timeless and intelligent, rough and hard, it is like future blues...if some dude was stuck on a beach with another dude for like 20,000 years the music that would come out would be something like what I hear from The Unicorns.  And like seriously The Islands feels like one of those dudes was ripped away and taken to the city where he was forced to play some shit and beaten and like changed into earthlings like in Interstella 5555 and felt empty and longing for the other half and the beach of 20,000 years but just get the fuck back man!  Go to the evil castle with the gold records in the walls and burn it down, then take a guitar shaped spaceship back home.  I mean it is obvious that Islands can do it, make some music hoo hah some of it is really good hah hoooo but FUCKING KNOCK IT OFF,
and go back with the other dude, call it ISLANDS if you want, thanks for understanding.

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